About me

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Hello, below you will find more about my education, and training, however I also want you to know more about who I am.

I did not always know that I wanted to be a therapist however I have always known that I am deeply touched by and nourished by deep, meaningful relationships and naturally attune to the emotional experiences in myself and in others. My heart has continually pulled me in the direction of social services such as volunteering and working for local nonprofit organizations, assisting children with developmental disabilities, and running support groups.

It was once I faced my own feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and crippling doubt that I began my journey to health and joy which also launched me on the path to becoming a psychotherapist. I began seeing a therapist, I read and listened to everything by Tara Brach, and then went on my first meditation retreat.  These acts of self-care and kindness changed my whole life and is why I am here now offering a space for your healing. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about my academic and professional background, please read on. You will also learn more about the theories, trainings and professional experiences that guide my work.


Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy ~ Hakomi Institute (2015 – 2017)   

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training ~ Sundara Yoga Therapy (2016)

Annual Conference in Group Leadership ~ Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society (2015)

Healing Strategies for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse ~ WINGs Foundation (2015)

Somatic Experiencing®: How the Body Releases Trauma Lecture ~ Peter A. Levine (2015)


Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health   ~ Naropa University, 2017

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Policy Studies ~ Syracuse University, 2010